What is a hormonal balance?

I am glad to announce that most of you have lost already weight and are slowly getting used to the challenge.Keep up the good work guys!

I keep on saying that it's important that you have got the balance of Carbs, Protein and Fats right. Why? The food that you eat and the combination of them play a major role in the hormones your body releases. 

Most western diets tell our bodies only one thing: GROW! Most people eat at least 50% of their foods in carbs and most of these carbs a sugars or processed grains. If you compare this to our ancestors’ diets, you will see a large difference in both the amount and the type.  About 25-40% of our ancestors’ diet was comprised of carbs, and those were pretty much exclusively vegetables with some fruit (not a lot).  This plays a huge role in our hormones and in our size.  It's correct to say that we all eat too much processed foods and especially processed carbs.

Most people have for breakfast cereals, toast, bagels and so on. These processed carbs are like sugar to the body and are very easily digested which cause a huge insulin shot in the body which does only one thing to the body: GROW, GROW and GROW! What happened to the steak and eggs in the morning? Are we in so much rush that we simply go for the easy options? Maybe it's worth to set our alarm clock 20min earlier to give our bodies a healthy start of the day!

Carbs are going to spike our insulin, no matter what; however, we can curb that spike to some degree if we eat some protein and fat along with the carbs. It is best when we eat a balanced diet by consuming protein, fat and healthful carbs together at every meal.  

By eating healthful carbohydrates (fruits and veggies), you will dramatically decrease the insulin released, which will decrease your body’s message to grow and store fat.  By going a step further, eating a small portion of lean protein (grass-fed beef, turkey, chicken, etc.) and fats (avocados, nuts, seeds) along with those carbs, you will in fact be balancing your hormones, which will keep you healthy or move you toward health!

Your EXTRA CHALLENGE for this week is to stay AWAY from all processed carbs, also for the remaining 85%. This way you can manage the sugar spikes much better and your effort to stick to your marco's is paid off more.

This extra challenge will last till Sunday. So only real Carbs, everything that comes with a table is processed. Rice, pasta, bread, oats is all processed. 

Good luck guys!