Going to bed anxious, stressed or upset about something that happened during the day can give you a restless night and ensure you wake up the following morning in an even worse mood!

Here are 3 simple questions you can ask yourself (or ask your partner) before bed to ensure you end the day on a good note and frame all the events from the day in a positive manner.

What was the best part about today?

Even the worst days have something good about them. 

It doest matter how small it may be, perhaps your training session was awful and you feel like everythingwent wrong...but hey, at least you showed up and got some work done!

Some days even the smallest of victories can make a HUGE difference to how you end the day.

What is something you learned today?

Everyday is a chance to learn something new. Whether it's a new skill at work, a new cue at the gym that made you clean & jerk feel awesome, or something about a friend you didn't know before.

The cognitive process of acquiring knew knowledge or information releases endorphins and makes us feel good! So remembering that part of you day is a great way to get some positive vibes!

What are you going to do better tomorrow?

Rarely do we have a day that goes without a hitch. It's how we approach the bumps in the road that makes the difference. Are you going to huff, puff and moan? Or are you going to resolve to do better next time around?!


Come the end of a tough day or rough training session you may be exhausted, tired and drained but that should not stop you from winning the day! Take back control with these 3 simple questions, and ensure you get those 8+hrs sleep we are always telling you about!