Don't think this makes you a bad person

It's ok to struggle, you are (like the rest of us!), human, and we struggle and make mistakes from time to time. Do not think your struggle reflects on who you are or what makes you the awesome person you are.

Think of the one person you admire most, it could be a CrossFit Games Athlete, the boss of a FTSE 100 company, or perhaps one of your parents. These people will have all gone through their own struggles, chances are this is why you admire them so much.

Don't think you are never going to overcome the slump

When the going gets tough, most of us fall into the trap of thinking that it is never going to end, and we are doomed! But we always get through it.

Whatever your slump may be, there is always a bright side, always something positive to take from the situation and there is always an end.

Don’t think you have to change everything

Often when we have a slump in our training we think we have to have a complete overhaul and re-vamp everything. We need to switch training programs to the one that guy on Instagram keeps posting about, or we need to get a whole new cupboard of supplements.
Training slumps happen and its a natural part of the training cycle. If you keep hopping around programs you will never develop the consistency and confidence that any good training program requires. Just like with most things in life, there will be good times and bad times, sure make small tweaks if something is not quite going to plan, but you don't need a complete life change!

So what should you do?
Life is game, so keep playing….

Keep working hard and putting in the effort and look for the positives in everything that you do. During tough times its easy to think of all the things that are going wrong, rather than look at the little things that are going right.
Keep it simple…
Getting through a slump does not require complex changes. What it requires is positive mindset, consistency and the ability to trust that you will rise again.