It's time to get your six-pack!

A lot of you are doing well in the challenge and have lost a lot of weight, or changed body shape. For everyone who is getting more happy with the way they have changed its time to now start changing your diet to a more muscle building diet where you still loose body fat but built muscle at the same time.

How does this work?

You stick to the macro's and calories you are having for now but you eat them differently. You need to fuel your muscles and work around your training program.

This work best if you train at leat 3 times a week, preferable more.

If you want to work on your six-pack and look more lean you need to eat more often. Stop with the 3 times a day meals and go to 5-6 times a day meals/snacks (still sticking to the same calories)

With everything you eat (a snack or a meal) you eat protein. So always protein, all the time. You eat most of your carbs around your workout. So you eat your starchy carbs (sweet potatoes, brown rice and so on) before and after your workout. You eat your less starchy carbs away from your workout like vegetables. Make sure you eat a lot of greens every day though as macro's are important but micro's (vitamins and minerals) as well!

Your fats you only eat away from your workouts. Fat's slow down your metabolism and therefor stop the carbs going into your muscles. So Fat's only away from workouts.

To give you an idea: I like my 3 eggs and fried banana in the morning. My eggs and the coconut oil I use to make this is most of my fat for the day already. So if I decide to train in the morning I will swap my dinner (turkey and sweet potatoes) with my breakfast (banana and eggs). This way I have most of my fats in the evening when I already have done my workout in the morning and the carbs and protein already have done their work in my muscles.

During your workout you can have a carbs with protein shake to fuel your muscles again.

So what do you need to change:

- eat 5-6 times a day

- eat protein in every meal and or snack

- eat your starchy carbs pre- and post- WOD's

- eat your Fat hours away from your WOD's

- have a WOD fuel shake with protein and carbs.

Let's get lean guys!