Let's finish with a BANG!

Only 2 weeks left. I hope most of you by now know their body and know what works!

To spice it up the last 2 weeks will be a competition. We are starting Tuesday 22nd:

You can get 3 points a day:

1 point  - Workout that day at least 10min

1 point - Get your calcories close or only eat the food allowed on scaled version

1 point - don't eat any sugar and drink no alcohol

You will keep track of your own score and on Saturday you inform me of the total score from Tuesday till Saturday.

You will be working in teams: 

Colette and Karen

Emma Roy and Julie

Pauline and Zoe

Rachel and Debbie

Nikki and Honor

Hendri and Sam

Charlotte and Graham

Lauren and Robbie

Bev and Clare

Mia and Dom

Kathryn and Loretta

Glen, Eline and Emma P stepped out  of the challenge so I left you out. If you like to join let me know!

For every point per day you lose, both you and your partner will be punished with 10 burpees the following day. So communicate with eachother and make sure you do your burpees! So if partner A gets only 1 point and partner B get 2 points you both have to do 30 burpees!

Let the BEST TEAM win! And keep in mind if you stick to the points you most likely will lose body fat as well!