Remember our goal is to be the best gym in Kent and developing ourselves as coaches is key driver to achieve that. Be honest in your feed back. We all have things to learn and we all can improve.

Name Shadow Coach
Name Shadow Coach
Name Coach
Name Coach
Date *
General WOD Plan *
General WOD Plan
The coach greet members & introduces new people
The coach follows the class template (general warm up, specific warm up, skill work, workout and debrief/cool down)
The coach explains the objective of the session, explains scaling options and checks for injuries.
Timeliness & Communication| The coach: *
Timeliness & Communication| The coach:
starts and end classes on time
used clear time stamps to manage class objectives
briefs the class on workout objective and scaling options at whiteboard
connects individually with every athlete at least once, if not twice, in class
is loud and clear communication, considering vocal projection and orientation relative to audience
facilitates inclusive and friendly interaction with the entire class, and between individuals
Coaching| The coach: *
Coaching| The coach:
provides clear and effective progressions during coach-led segment
controls tempo and positions of everyone during coach-led reviews.
demonstrates ability to micromanage troubled movers without slowing the rest of the class down, and provides concise solutions for individuals who need it.
demonstrates confidence to stop and scale improper and unsafe movement, even at the expense of performance results.
encourages individuals to scale up when you think it's appropriate.
prioritized and methodical cueing, during warm-ups, lifting, and metcons
motivate the group and general atmosphere in the Box
encourages the members to note scores
finishes with a cool down, hi five and debrief
Presentation|The coach: *
Presentation|The coach:
is clean and groomed
is wearing (provided) workout clothing
is not eating while teaching
is never on phone unless emergency situation
Large Class Logistics| The coach: *
Large Class Logistics| The coach:
when there are 10 or more athletes, double them up on led barbell reviews.
effectively pair people up, using the appropriate method.
communicate with other coaches using the space during any given class, so that everyone's space and equipment needs are accomodated in the most effective way.