We have designed a number of Benchmark Box WOD’s (BB WOD) to test your level of fitness. These BB WOD’s will show up periodically in our programming. It is a perfect moment for you and your coaches to understand the progress you are making and adjust the cycles where needed to work on weaknesses.

A) Gymnastics Skill Practise:


1min 20seconds of practising Kipping Swing

2min max rep Strict Pull Ups


What is it?
This is our newest addition to our Benchmark Box WOD series. This test is a true test of work capacity and mental strength. Row 2k as hard as fast as you can. However every minute you need to do burpees. Starting at minute zero with one and adding 1 rep every minute to it. If you cannot complete the burpees within 1 minute and you still got to finish your rowing revert to 4 reps a minute until you have finished the 2k row....

Your score is:

Time to complete the 2k row and max reps in burpees you achieved before you had to revert to 4.

You got 2 options you either record your scores in a LOG BOOK. We sell them in the box so pick one up or you go digital and use SUGARWOD


Step 1: Download the SugarWOD App on your phone, it's for Free

Step 2: Sign Up with Email / Sign Up with Facebook (AKA Create your account)

Step 3: Find My Box

Step 4: Log your Scores after Every Workout

Step 5: Connect with Others in the Box and Invite them