Guys & Girls

This is going to be fun. Soon we will be drafting the virtual teams and each virtual team will be led by a team Captain. All workouts are individual however you can help your team to be awesome.




1) Every time you complete and log your workout either in a log book or SugarWOD your team get's 1 point.

2) If you have completed all 5 workouts you will earn 3 points for your team

3) If everyone on your team has completed all 5 workouts the team will earn 10 points

4) if you PB a load or a movement..for example your first double under... your team will receive 5 points

5) Every time you bring some treats to share for after the workouts your team will receive 10 points 

6) Anyone part of funny group photo with other members (don't have to be in your team) that gets posted on Chalk It will attract 1 point.

7) If you bring your play list and you convince the coach to play it during the heats your team earns 3 points.

**rules can be subject to change

WOD's wil most likely take place Friday morning, Friday evening and Saturday mornings. Everything is scalable it is not the score that counts, it is your spirit!