Today is an excellent workout to work on your technique whilst you lift. This is great to get your lifts in good form using a decent weight not more then 20% below your 1RM. In the 8pm Barbell session you can try to go towards RX weights.

A) Macho Man

EMOM x 12

3 Power Cleans (82.5/62.5)

3 Front Squats (82.5/62.5)

3 Jerks (82.5/62.5)

(8pm session 20min)

Your score is total rounds completed before cutting reps.

If you can't complete a round in the minute cut down your reps.

B) Toe-to-bar Skill work

followed by 36 toe-to-bars.

You got 2 options you either record your scores in a LOG BOOK. We sell them in the box so pick one up or you go digital and use SUGARWOD


Step 1: Download the SugarWOD App on your phone, it's for Free

Step 2: Sign Up with Email / Sign Up with Facebook (AKA Create your account)

Step 3: Find My Box

Step 4: Log your Scores after Every Workout

Step 5: Connect with Others in the Box and Invite them