Two weeks of Testing & Goals Setting is upon and there's no better reason to start logging your scores now.

When was your last deadlift PR? What was your last time on “Helen”? Who coached you? How much sleep did you get the night before? If you are serious about your progress as an athlete, you should be keeping a training log. A log is an effective tool for tracking your athletic progress. Not only will it help you stay motivated, you’ll be stronger and faster for your efforts. You can only improve upon what you have measured and there’s no better motivator than chasing after a new PR.
— Coach Agnes

There are two options:

  • LOG BOOK - we sell them in the box. Pick one up and start recording
  • Go digital and use SUGARWOD



Step 1: Download the SugarWOD App on your phone, it's for Free

Step 2: Sign Up with Email / Sign Up with Facebook (AKA Create your account)

Step 3: Find My Box

Step 4: Log your Scores after Every Workout

Step 5: Connect with Others in the Box and Invite them