Set a S.M.A.R.T. Goal. Formulate one main goal and define 5 sub goals. Submit the form, we will send the form back by email so you got it. We will keep this form and will support you in your journey where we can. If you are serious about goal setting expect to spend 15-20min on below. We respect your privacy and will not share your data.



Make your goal specific (S)

Make your goal measurable (M)

Make sure the goal is attainable (A)

Make your goal relevant (R)

Make the goal time-bound (T) 

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What drives you to train or exercise?
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We know life is a balancing act and we like to understand what's most important to you NOW. This can be anything from regaining mobility & strength, recovering from an illness/injury to changing shape or just feel awesome!
If you have a goal, would you like us to help you develop a specific plan to reach your goal?
Not everyone is the same and has a goal. Some just want to enjoy a workout.
If you don't have a current goal, would you like us to help you choose and develop a personal goal?
Focus on one goal. Having too many goals can be distracting and seem insurmountable.
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I intend to have this goal completed by : M M / D D / Y Y
Subgoal 1 (Deadline Weeks 1–3) My first subgoal is...
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Dead line sub goal 1
Date must be within 1-3 weeks
(Your subgoal reward cannot be something that hinders your progress towards your main goal)
Deadline sub goal 2
Deadline sub goal 2
Deadline sub goal 3:
Deadline sub goal 3:
Deadline sub goal 4:
Deadline sub goal 4:
Deadline sub goal 5:
Deadline sub goal 5:
Benefits Focus on how much life will be better for you and those around you when you achieve your goal. For example, if you want to quit smoking, make a list of the benefits of giving up, and hang it somewhere in your house where you will see it every day
Many people keep their goals to themselves. Unfortunately, this makes it all too easy to simply forget about them. Instead, go public. For example, write down your goal on a large sheet of paper, sign it, and place it somewhere prominent in your house. Tell your friends, family and colleagues about your goal, and ask them to provide you with helpful nudges to assist you in achieving your goal. List names below: