Meatballs are a great breakfast food: they're portable, easy to eat, good hot or cold, and endlessly versatile so you don't get bored. Here's a recipe for meatballs in tomato sauce, but if the typical beef, tomato, and oregano-style meatballs sound too heavy, why not try a lighter, more summery version with ground chicken or turkey, maybe with some coconut milk, fresh herbs, or green onions?

Hard-boiled Eggs

Hard-boiled eggs might be the most dead-simple breakfast you could come up with. Boil a dozen at a time and grab 3 or 4 for breakfast every day with a piece of fruit or some leftover vegetables, or a cold baked sweet potato if you like a little more starch in the morning. Or if you have a bigger appetite, try Scotch eggs: hard-boiled eggs wrapped in a savory sausage coating.

Chicken Drumsticks

You won't see them on the menu at IHOP, but chicken drumsticks are actually perfect for breakfast. They're good hot or cold, they're easy to grab and eat, and you can do almost anything with them in terms of flavor.


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